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DH2323 Project Blog

Final adjustments

The final adjustments to this small project comprehended a refactoring of the folder structure and the addition of a small portion of code to recompute the normals of the vertices composing the cloth mesh at each time step

Collision detection

I decided to implement collision detection and response for two different objects: a sphere and a cube

Constraint system

In the previous post I presented the issue of the “explosive” nature of my mass-spring model when using strong springs

The mass-spring model

It is now time to start creating a mesh with cloth-like properties

Time to move around

As I said in the previous post, the natural next feature to add to this little piece of software is the ability for the user to move around in the scene

We can see something

Quite a lot of progress happened from the first post, but I have not felt the necessity to write about it since most of the code I wrote is just boilerplate to setup the environment

Hello World

All projects must start somewhere, and when you are a software developer they usually do with that familiar “Hello World!” on a black terminal